12 Angry Men: The One Man Show
Van Gogh Dating

Tuesday, September 15 2015


UCB Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


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×1 ticket = $5

Many of us have watched "12 Angry Men" (one of AFI's greatest films of all time) and thought, "This is okay, but I wish it was 1/3 as long. And a musical. And all the parts were performed by one person." 

Well finally someone had the balls to make that dream come true for all of us. Watch as Mike Leffingwell (one of AFI's biggest a-holes of all time) performs this tense jury-room drama the way it was meant to be seen: BY YOU!
Written and performed by Mike Leffingwell

Music performed by Scott Passarella, Kevin Manwarren, and Aadip Desai

You’ve seen the spellbinding artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. You know his tragic life, his struggle with mental illness, his poverty, his self-mutilation and suicide. 

But have you seen him on a Tinder date? Well I bet you haven't.

Watch as Vincent Van Gogh navigates the dating world of the 21st Century, with a little help from his suave Post-Impressionist buddy, Paul Gauguin.

Written by Matt Chester and David Kantrowitz

Directed by Adam McCabe

Matt Chester
David Kantrowitz
Heather Woodward
Lilan Bowden
Nicky Urban
Jessica Gonzales
and Ryan Hitchcock as Mark Twain