Beefcakes Presents A Sketch Show To Get Swol To
Fuck Nostalgia

Thursday, March 30 2017


UCBT Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


(Plus $1.00/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

Looking for a sketch show? Looking to get swol? Look no further because the juicy hunks from Beefcakes put together their tightest, funniest and beefiest sketches for your viewing pleasure. Featuring John Milhiser and Mike Lane.

Watch a sketch group so in love with nostalgia that they're performing their sketch show about nostalgia AGAIN. And again, and again--they can't stop! Come see them fall apart. 
From Lisa Kleinman (Refinery29, MTV), Kristy Lopez-Bernal (TBS' The Detour), Langan Kingsley (a buncha stuff), Emilea Wilson (Oscar-nominated Time Freak), and Zack Phillips (Above Average).