Starpunch: UCB's "Best of" Showcase

Thursday, April 6 2017


UCBT Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Standup by Solomon Georgio

A sketch from Judith, written by Jason Sheridan, performed by Avery Monsen, Robert Stephens, Fiona Landers, Anais Fairweather, Toni Charline, Joe Spellman, Jason Sheridan, Monica Vasandani, Nick Luciano, directed by Dave Horwitz

A sketch from Karate Karate, written by Kerry O'Neill, performed by Phoebe Neidhardt, Ele Woods, Natalie Palamides, Mike Lane, directed by Mark Rennie

A sketch from Private Street, performed by Anais Fairweather, Dylan Vigus and Yesel Manrique

Standup by Curtis Cook

A sketch from Karate Karate, written by Janine Brito, performed by Natalie Palamides, directed by Mark Rennie

A sketch from Gorgeous, written by Sarah Stoecker, performed by Kimia Behpoornia, Anna Rajo, Drew Cullinan, Lauren Olson, directed by Tim Neenan

A sketch from Mr. Bird, written by Michael Capristo, performed by David Brown, Yak Manrique, Olivia Norman, directed by Dave Horwitz

A sketch from The Summer Of, written by Jessie Weinberg, performed by Nicole Sun, Robert Stephens, Ele Woods,  Jason Sheridan, Matthew Brian Cohen, Kerry McGuire, Jessie Weinberg, directed by Aaron Burdette

A sketch by The Audacity, written by Meggie Spellman, performed by Travis Coles, Kale Hills, Shukri Abdi, Alexia Dox, Chad Westbrook, Jolene Kennedy, Laurie Magers, Kevin Yuen, directed by Alex Scordelis


(Plus $1.00/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

STARPUNCH collects the best sketches, stand-up, characters from the rest of the UCB schedule and serves them up to you on a silver platter.

You've worked hard, you've earned the BEST.

Hosted by Beth Appel
Produced by Laurie Magers and Beth Appel