Bill & Ted's Spooky Halloween Spooftacular 2017

Saturday, October 21 2017


UCBT Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

with Paul Brittain, Jennie Pierson, Betsy Sodaro, Drew Tarver, Lou Wilson, Jacob Wysocki, and more!


(Plus $1.00/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

Your favorite terrible pop culture spoof show is back, and it's spoofier than ever. For years, Universal Studios Hollywood had an annual Halloween stage show starring Bill and Ted, lampooning the biggest pop culture happenings of the previous year. Recently, the show was canceled forever for being dumb and bad. That's why we decided to keep the tradition alive by presenting what we think Universal Studios' 2017 Bill and Ted show probably would have been. Because Los Angeles deserves an extremely unfunny, genuinely upsetting comedy show featuring empty pop culture references and two characters from a movie that has not held up well. No one is safe. Not even... the crew of the Orville?!

Written by Nick Ciarelli, Brad Evans, Joe Kwaczala, and Chris Stephens

Joe Kwazcala
Chris Stephens
Peter Banifaz
Paul Brittain
Travis Coles
Devin Field
Scott Gairdner
Anthony Gioe
Alex Hanpeter
Alisha Ketry
Joe McAdam
Olivia Norman
Zac Oyama
Jennie Pierson
Joey Romaine
Betsy Sodaro
Kristen Studard
Nicole Sun
Drew Tarver
Jude Tedmori
Lou Wilson
Lamar Woods
Jacob Wysocki
and MORE!