Griff Hedgley: The Rise and Fall of a Diamond Guy
The Other Bullen Girls

Tuesday, May 15 2018


UCBT Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


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Griff Hedgley: The Rise and Fall of a Diamond Guy In 1987 a kid from nowhere had a dream of getting somewhere. It was a time when cocaine was king, sex was dangerous, television diamond sales were a business, and business was booming. But in 1990 the party was over.

A portrait of two decades in the life of the television-sales business, the days of a dreamer, and the nights in between. Everyone's blessed with one special thing and Griff Hedgley plans on being a star. A big bright shining star. Griff Hedgley: The Rise and Fall of a Diamond Guy.

Written by Kerry O'Neill
Directed by Mark Rennie
Starring Jacob Wysocki, Matt Cordova, Alana Johnston, Mike Lane, Ele Woods and Jeremy McKiernan

A show where one lady pretends to be a whole bunch of other ladies. (Do not be alarmed, she is not actually turning into these people, it’s just pretend.) 

Written and Performed by Christine Bullen 
Directed by Lauren Olson 
Special Thanks to Mike Kurtz and Alex Estrada