Great Moments In Comedy Made Worse

Friday, November 8 2019


UCB Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Anna Rajo, Ryan Hitchcock, Rachel Van Nes, Angela Giarratana, Jake Regal, Cory Willis, Kylie Brakeman, Miranda Rae Hart, Jessica Zepeda, Yaki Margulies, Scott Thiede, Vivian Gil, Zach Olsen, Greg Smith, Courtney Sevener, Eric Chad Ho, Alec Scholzen, Cassi Jerkins, Josh Fleury, Charlie Mihelich, Sarah Wyatt, Paul Heredia, Jessica Svendsgaard, Joe Uhlraik, and Andrew Young


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Comedy is all about timing, so what happens when a classic sketch is made four times as long? At Great Moments In Comedy Made Worse performers are given scripts to famous sketches from comedy history to act out on the spot. Once they get to the last page they will have to start improvising to keep the sketch going for an additional 15 minutes. What would the “More Cowbell” sketch look like if it just kept going and going? What does a 20-minute version of Lazy Sunday sound like? The answer is probably much worse.