Extreme Gaming Championship

Join hosts Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) and Mike Still (Hello Ladies) as competitive video gaming explodes on the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre stage.

Extreme Gaming Championship takes you to the edge... of very low stakes gaming with hosts that might make fun of you and a RADICAL prize for the winner.

Brave audience members compete live on stage in a Video Game Thunderdome. Whoever wins tonight will compete later this year to become the 2015 Ultimate Extreme Champion and win an EXTREME Grand Prize (Last year we gave away an XBOX ONE...this is no joke, son!).

Classic games will be entered into the competition every month--will it be Street Fighter II? Joust? The Atari version of E.T.?

Lube up those thumbs (then clean them off because we don't want a bunch of lube on our controllers and honestly who would lube just their thumbs) and come on down to a night of competition and comedy Rest assured, there will only be one hero EXTREME enough to be CHAMPION. Will. It. Be. YOU?

Past guests have included Kumail Nanjiani, Ben Schwartz, Emily Gordon, Jon Gabrus