The Dirtiest Sketch In LA Contest

On July 31st, 2015, THE DIRTIEST SKETCH IN LA CONTEST returns from the pit of Hell to claim new victims.

Originally a UCB NY show, the Dirtiest Sketch Contest dragged its bloody, shit-stained corpse across the country to Los Angeles in July of 2005. After violating morality laws for four years, the show finally died in 2009. Now, on the ten year anniversary of its arrival, the Dirtiest Sketch in LA Contest shall be resurrected. This is probably not a good idea. 

For those unfamiliar with this filth fest: contestants are given three minutes to perform sketches as filthy, dirty, outrageous, bizarre, surreal, and crude as comically possible. 

There are only three rules:
1. It has to be dirty. 
2. It has to be written.
3. It has to be less than 3 minutes.

The winner gets $3.07 and his or her mouth washed out with soap!

Who will join the annals of fucked up history with past Dirtiest Sketch winners such as Good Neighbor, the Birthday Boys, Heather Ann Campbell, Cale Hartmann & James Pumphrey, Chris  Stangl, Angela Trimbur, Casey Wilson & Paul Rust, Neil Campbell & Paul Rust, Anyone & Paul Rust.

Hosted by Colton Dunn, Amanda Egge, Michael Busch, and Joe Hartzler

Scored by our expert panel of judges:
Hal Rudnick
Nicole Byer
Brandon Johnson

Featuring sketches from:

Jonny Svarzbein featuring Ryan Meharry, Adam McCabe, James Mastraeini, Jamie Gaul

Skinny Dip - Jacqui Duncan, Jason Stafford, Sarbani Hazra, and Jesse Goldhor

Same Hair - Jackie Johnson, Courtney Hawkins, Cristy Joy, Rebecca Hirsch, Marlo Meekins, Katie Willert, Amy Eicher

Katie Molinaro & Leslie Watkins featuring Mason Hankins, Hunter Altman, Bryan Musil

Cale & James

Heather Anne Campbell

Gilli Nissim

Crud II: Jack Allison, Matty Smith, Evan Susser, Mike Mitchell