Zoe Coombs Marr: Trigger Warning

"A cascade of ideas, jokes and images that leaves you head spinning and your heart laughing. This is daring, high-wire comedy at its best." 
 - Chortle

Fresh from multi-award-winning runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, comes the mind-bending brilliance of Zoe Coombs Marr and her monstrous drag character Dave. A hack comic dealing with the fallout of his first show, and twitter threats from scary feminists, Dave's given up stand-up, and turned to the serious clown training of French mime-master Philippe Gaulier. 

A feminist comedian dressed as a mouthy male stand-up, dressed as a silent Gaulier clown. Sound confusing? It is. Watch as a hack stand-up attempts a silent clowning show that won't offend anyone. 

Trigger Warning: clowns, clowning, failure, Dave. 

Winner BEST SHOW 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Winner BEST INDEPENDENT SHOW 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Nominee BEST COMEDY SHOW 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Nominee BEST COMEDY PERFORMER 2016 Helpmann Awards

Nominee 2016 Victorian Premiere's Literary Awards (Drama)

Nominee BEST PERFORMER 2016 Greenroom Awards

Nominee BEST WRITING 2016 Greenroom Awards

Nominee BEST ON STAGE 2016 SMAC Awards

"An escalating spiral of metafictional hilarity... Catch this masterful tour de force while you can."
 - Broadway Baby

"Trigger Warning will be the highlight of your Fringe."
- Ed Fest Magazine

"A comedy turducken of gross-out gags, absurdist humour and sharply observed parody."
 - The Age

"A delicious meta-lasagne of insanity... off-the-charts, wet-your-pants brilliant. Zoe Coombs Marr is a genius"
 - Herald Sun

"A postmodern tour de force and vibrant assault on misogyny."
 - List

"Smart and original."
 - Sunday Times

"A thrillingly silly portrait of trad standup in the age of sensitivity."
 - Guardian

"Deliriously funny."
 - Evening Standard

"Mesmerizing and intense, it's an outstanding performance from Coombs Marr... She's applying an audacity towards stand-up and drag that's unmatched, showing a foresight and invention undreamed of in her peers' wildest nightmares."
 -Â… Scotsman