ALL-AMERICAN BOY: The Greatest Sailor Musical of 1941

It's the summer of 1941 and two sailors have one day of shore leave in New York City! Charlie Bean is a sailor with dancing dreams who's starting to feel strange feelings for his shipmate, Floyd Flenderson. Little does he know, Floyd is actually a woman in disguise, and she's got feelings for him too. Is 24 hours in the Big Apple enough time for them to untangle this web of gender, sexuality, and tap dance?

Written by:
Chris Schleicher & Tipper Newton

Directed by:
John Flynn

Music Director:
Greg Smith

Tipper Newton
Chris Schleicher
Chad Damiani
Nelinda Palomino
Dan Amerman
Rheeqrheeq Chainey
Dee Marcucci
Jasper Sams