The Great American Cabinet of Curiosities

It was all the rage among 16th century aristocrats to keep a room full of odd and interesting objects from around the world in their castles. These rooms came to be known as Cabinets of Curiosity and many still exist. In fact, several of them have come under the care of William George Frederick Schmitt-Hoffman the 28th (Andy Daly), the host of this show. In addition to being the Margrave of Upper and Lower Lausitz and the (former) Baron of Renfrew, Mr. Schmitt-Hoffman is also a (self-proclaimed) expert in noteworthy objects and he has decided that America deserves its own Cabinet of Curiosities. With the help of his longtime valet, Glenwood "Glen" Vaughan (Sean Conroy), Schmitt-Hoffman will invite two Americans to the stage to tell the audience about a prized possession of theirs. At the end of the show, one of these items will be chosen for inclusion in the Great American Cabinet of Curiosities!