SQUADRON'S Saturday Night Sketch Show: “Pump Friction”

Sketch comedy super-team SQUADRON drops a brand new, action-packed sketch revue - written and performed by UCB’s most experienced performers! This show is, as your estranged kids say, FIRE!!!

Cast’s credits include: "Modern Family," "Superstore," "Brooklyn 99", “Broad City,” "Arrested Development" and more.

Cast's showcase credits include: Comedy Central’s "Sketch Comics to Watch", Montreal’s Just for Laughs: New Faces Characters, CBS Diversity Showcase, 20+ UCB Maude teams, and Characters Welcome! 

Squadron performs every Saturday @ 7:30pm at UCB Sunset. "Pump Friction" runs for eight weeks starting 10/12.

Featuring Travis ColesAshleigh Hairston, Frank Garcia-Hejl, Haley Hepworth, Brett Maline, Greg Roman and Kristen RozanskiDirected by Tim Neenan.