You're Welcome: A Pre-Thanksgiving All Native American Improv Show

Lucas Brown Eyes Lucas Brown Eyes
Kelly Lynne D'Angelo Kelly D'Angelo
Siena East Siena East
Charley Flyte Charley Flyte
Erik Fritts Erik Fritts
The first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians happened nearly four hundred years ago and Non Natives have "given thanks" for that meal ever since. This improv show, featuring some of the funniest Native American performers in Los Angeles is our official "You're Welcome."

Benny Wayne Sully (Sicangu Lakota)
Joey Clift (Cowlitz)
Kelly Lynne D'Angelo (Tuscarora / Haudenosaunee)
Erik Fritts (Ojibwe)
Jason Grasl (Blackfeet)
Darrell Dennis (Secwepemc)
Jim Ruel (Ojibwe)
Carolina Hoyos (Quechua Inca)
Lorna Silva (Lenca)
Wes Martinez (Purepecha)
Benjamin Wickham (Purepechan)
Grant Nakaoka (Mexica)
Charley Flyte (Oglala Lakota)
Robin Lynn (Blackfeet/Lakota)
Siena East (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma)
Lucas Brown Eyes (Oglala Lakota)
Timmy Mayse (Cherokee)

Produced by Joey Clift and Benny Wayne Sully